domingo, enero 29, 2006

The Small Faces
There Are but Four Small Faces

1.Itchycoo Park Lane, Marriott 2:50
2.Talk to You Lane, Marriott 2:08
3.Up the Wooden Hills to Bedfordshire McLagan 2:04
4.My Way of Giving Lane, Marriott 1:58
5.I'm Only Dreaming Lane, Marriott 2:25
6.I Feel Much Better Lane, Marriott, McLagan 3:57
7.Tin Soldier Lane, Marriott 3:23
8.Get Yourself Together Lane, Marriott 2:15
9.Show Me the Way Lane, Marriott 2:08
10.Here Comes the Nice Lane, Marriott 3:03
11.Green Circles Lane, Marriott, O'Sullivan 2:51
12.(Tell Me) Have You Ever Seen Me
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