lunes, enero 30, 2006

The Who Sings My Generation (1965)
The Who

1.Out in the Street Townshend 2:31
2.I Don't Mind Brown 2:36
3.The Good's Gone Townshend 4:02
4.La La La Lies Townshend 2:17
5.Much Too Much Townshend 2:47
6.My Generation Townshend 3:18
7.The Kids Are Alright Townshend 2:46
8.Please, Please, Please Brown, Terry 2:45
9.It's Not True Townshend 2:31
10.The Ox Entwistle, Hopkins, Moon ... 3:50
11.A Legal Matter Townshend 2:48
12.Instant Party (Circles)
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